1822 Slave Ad: “Ranaway…Negro woman Harriet, who has a white male child…”

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This October 8, 1822 edition of the General Advertiser (Easton, MD) has a total of 15 slave-related advertisements including one that says, “RANAWAY or was kinappped…a negro woman named HARRIET, who has a white male child, about one year old…Her child is named William Alford Henry, but generally called Alford. She has generally been used to house work, such as plain cooking, &c. and is much addicted to snuff rubbing…”

Among the remaining 14 slave ads is a runaway ad that says, “WAS committed to the jail of this county as a runaway, on the 12th of August, instant, a negro man who calls himself SAMUEL SMITH, and says he is a free man…Said negro is in possession of a pass purporting to have been executed by J.H. Conway, clerk of Stafford county court, Va…”




“…a negro man who calls himself JOSEPH HARRISON, says he is a free man, and formerly the property of Robert Harrison, of Rockingham county, Va…”



“WAS committed to the jail…JOHN THOMAS…says that he is free; that he is a native of Baltimore, where he has a wife and family; that he is acquainted with some of the Ellicotts and Tysons, in whose employ he formerly worked…”



“WAS committed to the jail…WILLIAM WRIGHT, about 16 years of age…he says he was born free, that he is a native of New York, where he has resided from his birth..”



“WAS committed…to the jail…as a runaway, a negro man, one shade lighter than jet black, who calls himself SAMUEL; said he belonged to George Ireland of Calvert County, and afterwards said he belonged to a Mr. Or Mrs. Lollers, of said county, and was hired to George Ireland and sold to a foreign negro buyer…”


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