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This March 13, 1855 edition of the New York Tribune includes an article about an advertisement for “Negro Dogs.”  It states, “I would inform the citizens of Holmes County that i still have my NEGRO DOGS and that they are in good training and ready to attend to all calls of hunting and catching RUNAWAY NEGROES at the following rates.  For hunting per day, five dollars, or if I have to travel any distance, every day will be charged for, in going and returning, as for hunting and at the same rates.  Not less than five dollars will be charged in any case, where the negroes come in before I reach the place.  From fifteen to twenty-five dollars will be charged for catching, according to the trouble; if the Negro has weapons, the charge will not be governed by the above rates.  I am explicit to prevent any misunderstanding.  The owner of the slave to pay all expenses in all cases.  I venture to suggest to any person having a slave runaway, that the better plan is to send for the dogs forthwith when the negro goes off, if they intend sending at all and let no other person go in the direction, if they know which way the runaway went; as many persons having other negroes to hunt over the track, and failing of success, send for the dogs, and then perhaps fail in consequence to catch their negro, and thus causelessly fault the dogs.  Terms cash.  If the money is not paid at the time the negro hunted for is caught, he will be held bound for the money.  I can be found at home at all times, five and a half miles east of Lexington, except when hunting with the dogs.

Feb. 14, 1855  JOHN LONG