1901 “IS THE NEGRO A BEAST?” (rebuttal to “The Negro A Beast”)

 DSC08945Is the Negro a Beast?: A Reply to Chas. Carroll’s Book Entitled “The Negro A Beast”, Proving that the Negro is Human from Biblical, Scientific, and Historical Standpoints.  Written by William G. Schell, this book is a refutation of the scurrilous book The Negro A Beast or In the Image of God?, apparently popular in Southern US around the turn of the century, which attempted to justify the enslavement of those of African descent, since they “weren’t really human.”  The controversial book that this book is refuting is also available in this collection (see other post in the “Racism” category).

DSC08946  DSC08948

Gospel Trumpeting Publishing Co., 1901, 238 pages.  In average shape, intact with a 1-1/2″ split where the spine joins the front cover, otherwise intact.  The pages are yellowing, but I have seen no torn pages.

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