1965 & 1966 THUNDERBOLT NEWSPAPERS (National States Rights Party)

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These 1965 and 1966 Thunderbolt Newspapers are among the most severe of the racist material in this collection.  One article states, “If King comes marching through your town, get out in the streets with the old rebel yell and rebel flag.  He’ll go running out of town back to Atlanta.” Thunderbolt newspaper was mentioned during the trial of infamous Ku Klux Klansman Tommy Blanton.  Blanton was convicted of killing four little girls at 16th Street Baptist Church. During the trial, this racist newspaper was mentioned as being connected to Blanton.

Thunderbolt newspaper says “The White Man’s Viewpoint” under the headline.  Articles include: “Arrest Exposes Johnny Cash’s Negro Wife“, “Jews Threaten to Murder White Leaders”, “Deport Negroes to Africa”, “Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Invited Black Terror“, “Communism is Still Jewish”, “LBJ Orders More School Mixing Each Year”, “LBJ Attempts Genocide On White Race”, “How Much Time Left To Save White Race”, “Let’s Break Up Mixed Couples“, “Negro Marches Are Armed Invasion Of White Communities“.

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