1963 Birmingham Segregationist Newsletter Warns Against the “Danger of Mongrelization”

This August 15-21, 1963 copy of the “BIRMINGHAM WEEKLY BULLETIN” is published by the National States Rights Party and is authored by its white supremacist and anti-Semitic founder Dr. Edward R. Fields, who frequently collaborated with the Ku Klux Klan. In the newsletter he warns that “Nothing in our lifetimes can happen to us that could ever be worse than allowing our children to go to school with Negroes.” He then calls out 12 “mixed” stores by name who “have surrendered the hard won rights our forefathers handed down to us which are our sacred traditions and customs–that we do not sit down and eat with negroes.”

Fields notes that “We in Alabama have now reached the hour of decision. We can stand up and show the entire world just how far the Whiteman is willing to go to stay White.” One month later, four African-American children would be murdered in Birmingham (where Fields lived) during the bombing of 16th St. Baptist Church. Following Alabama Attorney General Bill Baxley’s opening of prosecution against the bombers of the church, Fields wrote a letter to Baxley, referring to him as an “honorary nigger” and threatening to assassinate him.