1828 Runaway: “…his sweetheart is a slave.”

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This May 1, 1828 edition of the National Intelligencer includes a runaway slave advertisement stating, “NEGRO LEWIS absconded from the employment of a neighboring farmer sometime in the month of January last, and has not been seen by his employer since. He is about 22 years of age, remarkably stout, and nearly six feet high. Lewis is a fine looking fellow, very cunning, and can look dull, heavy, or sprightly, when he pleases. He will no doubt obtain a forged pass, and make for Pennsylvania. I have been recently informed that his sweetheart is a slave, belonging toC. Dorsey, Esq. and that he passed to Calvert County, from the Queen Tree, in St. Mary’s County, and has been seen at Mr. Dorsey’s quarters, in Calvert County. I have not a sufficient knowledge of this fellow, to give a very minute description of him. All that I know is, that he has a very broad face, thick lips, the upper one turning up a little, not polite or pleasing when spoken to, his color between a black and yellow. I will give twenty dollars if taken in St. Mary’s County, and thirty dollars if taken in Calvert County, and fifty dollars if taken in any other part of the United States, so that I get him again.

John L. Millard

Prospect Hill, St. Mary’s County , Md.

Also included in this newspaper is an advertisement stating “VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE” with a line that says “A large number of Negroes, sufficient to cultivate the estates, will be sold with them, at Neabsco and Deep Hole, if desired.

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