KKK Magazine “Night Riders” about Viola Liuzzo murder

Civil Rights, Racism

DSC06602Possibly the most representative example of Klan propaganda, this may be the worst and most disgusting of the publications by the Klan/Citizens’ Councils.  Exploiting the murder of Viola Liuzzo, (a true hero of the Civil Rights Movement) by putting her body on the cover of their Klan “Night Riders” magazine as a trophy of their murderous efforts is about as low as it gets.


The Klan was obsessed with documenting black/white relationships and many of the photos are of blacks and whites marching together or in close proximity to each other.  Two or three of the photos have “censored” across them.  It is apparent from reading the chapters and looking at the photos that, in the South, seeing photos of blacks and whites together was enough to scandalize the South (though the text claims much more).

It has 65 pages divided into 16 chapters. Contains numerous black and white photos (50 or more) of the Selma to Montgomery march.   1966.

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