DSC08796 DSC08799This is the September 2, 1965 edition of the “Birmingham Independent”, a racist newsletter.  The cover story is about J. Edgar Hoover.  Articles include this astounding passage “Birmingham was a fine, cheerful city.  The Negroes were happy.  King and his cohorts moved in, and with some local agitators began stirring up bad feelings and convincing the Negroes that they were not happy at all….He actually preferred that (demands) were not met because this was a cheaper way to promote propaganda to feed his innocent victims on hatred.  What followed…were riots, racial disturbances, and the death of four Negro children”

Other articles include the announcement that infamous racist (and violent) “Sheriff James G. Clark, Jr. (Sheriff Jim Clark) has been elected First Vice-President of the 20,000-member of the National Sheriff’s Association” (see photo) and “GOP Is Wary of Negro Vote“.

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