DSC08778 DSC08771This May 31, 1963 edition of The Montgomery Advertiser has a cover story that says “Leader Says Klan Won’t Attend Mix“.  This story quotes Imperial Wizard of the United Klans of America Robert M. Shelton, who says that the KKK will not attend the integration of the all-white University of Alabama by Vivian J. Malone (African-American) and states “The Klan is standing 100 percent behind Gov. George Wallace and whatever legal means that he might deem necessary.”  Other articles include “Liquor Banned on ‘Mixing Day’“, “Filibuster End Sought By Wallace”, “400 ‘Racial’ GI’s Depart McClellan” (about the Army troops sent to Birmingham after the “racial uprising”), “Negroes Plan Los Angeles Drive”, “Negroes Plan Big Vote Drive In Birmingham“, “Philadelphia Grants Negro Job Demands”, and “Quiet Integration Gains Reported All Over South“.  In this latter article, several cities are mentioned that are “in an undercurrent moving for peaceful settlement in the turbulent stream of racial trouble.”

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