1840 Runaway Slave: “…Negro Woman…Engaged With Others In the Use of Poisonous medicants in the family.”


This is the July 14, 1840 edition of the Richmond Enquirer and contains 3 runaway slave advertisements. The first slave as states $225 REWARD–Ran away from the undersigned, about the 1st of January last, a negro woman named SCINDA–Since she has departed, I have every reason to believe she has for a long time been engaged with others in the use of poisonous medicants in the family, and suspicion rested on her previously. She is of common stature, dark skin, rather large and prominent nose, austere countenance, –about 27 years of age…” Also, $25 for CRITTY, a negro woman aged about 52 or 3. –Also, $75 for the apprehension of the two Thieves, and their conviction to the Penitentiary, who stole her from my kitchen a few nights ago. These two thieves came armed as Banditti, in the dead time of night and stole her off. She is of low stature and dark skin. She will make herself known on enquiry, as she is attached to the family, and came home after being dragged off by such a Banditti once before.”

Another runaway slave ad (see below title) offers “$50 REWARD.–Ran away from the subscriber…my man DAVEY, about forty years old, entirely black…with his upper fore teeth out…”

The third slave ad states, “FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. RAN AWAY from the subscriber, a lad named JOE, about 15 or 16 years old, of a dark brown (almost black) complexion. He has a sprightly and rather cunning expression of countenance, and walks with one of his toes rather turned in. I have some apprehension of his having been enticed away by some white man. He left me about three weeks since…”

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