1965 “WALES WINDOW” 16th St Baptist Church Bombing (Birmingham, AL)

DSC08858DSC08860 In 1965, in remembrance of the 4 girls that were killed in the KKK bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, the people of Wales funded a beautiful hand-crafted window that was installed in that same bombed church.  This is the original 1965 program from the Wales Window Unveiling Ceremony.


The window was designed by John Petts in Cardiff, Wales.  During the bombing, the face of Jesus was literally blown-out of the stained glass window on the side of the church where the girls were murdered.  The cover of the program depicts the window with two powerful vignettes of the head and hands of Christ inside.  Other details on back cover.  Good condition. Photos not included in collection (only the program).3

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