DSC08748 DSC08745This June 9, 1963 edition of The Montgomery Advertiser has a cover story of “Wallace Plans Call for 500 Guardsmen”.  Other cover articles include “JFK Woos Far West Negro Vote” and “Southerner Gives Threat of Filibuster”.  Of particular interest on the front page is this announcement: “States Rights Party Slates Rally Tonight” where they will “outline a plan of action to stop all race-mixing in Alabama and win the struggle for the survival of our great white race.”  The speakers, Dr. Edward R. Fields and J.B. Stoner are infamous white supremists.

A non-practicing chiropractor from Marietta, Georgia, Edward Fields was active in white supremacist and anti-Semitic groups since he was a teenager in the late 1940s. Beginning a decade later, when he founded the National States Rights Party (NSRP), and lasting into the mid-1970s, Fields was a significant force in the racist world, known both for collaborating with J.B. Stoner (notorious racist bomber and suspect in the assassination of Martin Luther King) and for publishing the NSRP’s Thunderbolt newspaper. He was forced out of the group in 1983 and his influence has since waned, but his crude writings continue to circulate widely. He maintains an impressive network of extreme-right connections in both the U.S. and Europe, and publishes The Truth At Last. He joined the National Alliance in 2003.

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