1907 “Chicken Dinner”: This postcard is postmarked 1907.  Postcard shows a black man peering over a fence and looking at a chickenCaption reads “Love at First Sight.”  Very good condition, with weak upper-left corner crease.

1910 “Say Honey, haint you NEVER gwine t’ write?”  Divided back, postmarked 1910.  Reminder series.  Copyright 1909 by F.A. Moss, Denver, Colorado.  Corners worn, couple of bends and one tear.

1951: “If you want a nice dark tan, come and join us for the bathing!”  The postcard was postmarked 1951 and published by Ashville.  It has very minor corner wear.  Excellent condition.

“Two of a Kind”  Undated.  Says “C.T. Pickaninny Comics-10 Subjects.  Genuine Curteich-Chicago “C.T. Art-Colortone” Post Card (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.)

1946 “Here’s a Little Tip For You!”  Postcard is postmarked Nov 1946.

Undated.  “Two Loving Hearts”

Undated. “Little Shaver”

Undated. “I’s Pinnin’ a Lot of Hopes”

Undated. “Just a Line to Say We’re Thinking of You”

Undated. “A Row of Palms”