1905 Taxes Erroneously Paid for Negroes

road-tax-1This note from Leflore County in Greenwood, Mississippi is dated Sept. 4, 1905 and certifies that road taxes paid by five African-Americans was paid in error. It also includes 5 receipts for the five men mentioned. The note reads “To Ed Jones, To Road tax erroneously paid for the following negroes, to wit: Columbus Jiles, Jaxon Underwood, Ben House, Young House and Dick Lawrence, as per attached receipts. $15.00 I hereby certify that three of the above negroes are over the age of 50 years and the other two are ruptured according to the statement of Dr. W.D. Wilson.” It is signed by (what appears to be) Eali Ethridge.

All 5 receipts are signed by the Sheriff and Tax Collector T.C. Garrott and D.S. (Deputy Sheriff?) S.Z. Prophet.